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At the Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC we help you, individuals and companies alike, with business litigation. We can help you through disputes ranging from breach of contract and employment claims to shareholder disputes.

Breach of Contract -

Businesses enter into contracts and agreements daily. The contracts that you sign are the cornerstone of any business relationship. When those relationships break down, it can become a very messy legal situation, but we can get you the resolution you deserve. Business litigation may be the only answer when it comes to someone breaching a viable contract or agreement. 

We negotiate contracts and commercial agreements with the other party to try to settle without needing to go to court. However, we will fight for you in court if the other party is not willing to settle. 

Fraud and Misrepresentation -

It is not uncommon for a business relationship to break down in such a way that a party realizes they were tricked into a transaction based on fraudulent misrepresentation of facts. If you are the victim of business fraud it is important that you act quickly to protect your interests. We have represented individuals, corporations, shareholders, and executives in fraud cases and will champion your cause to recover your lost funds.

Shareholder Disputes -

Corporate structures can give rise to strains in the relationships between the shareholders who own the company and the officers and directors who operate it. Shareholder disputes can be very complex and the implications for the future of the company can be significant. 

With experience representing shareholders, officers, directors, and publicly traded companies in shareholder disputes, we can help you navigate the process. Ultimately, the right foundation from the beginning can eliminate the need for business litigation down the road.
The Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC is an employment law, business law, and business litigation firm based in San Diego, California. We have built a solid reputation for our practical and honest approach to practicing law and representing our clients.

Our office offers you personalized attention in a supportive atmosphere for all employment legal needs. At the Law Office of Devon K. Roepcke, PC, you are a valued client - not just a case number. To avoid unnecessary legal expenses and stress, we will provide you a free consultation to determine if you have a viable case. We will be honest and tell you exactly what can (and cannot) be done in your legal situation.
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Law Offices of Devon K. Roepcke, PC
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We are also licensed to practice law in Arizona.
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